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BodyScan is a revolutionary ergonomic and orthopedic mattress and sleeping system. It was scientifically developed by renowned German bedding makers FEY in collaboration with the Ergonomic Institute Munich ("EMI"), and sleeping ergonomics specialist Dr. Heidinger. 

BodyScan is a customised mattress and sleeping system for each individual in accordance to scientific ergonomic and orthopedic principles. Differences in body shape and sleeping habits result in unique needs for every individual. The BodyScan system allows for detailed measurements followed by precise tailored support for each user's unique spine, shoulders, back and joints. 

The Cornell University Ergonomics Web recommends that mattresses should conform to the spine's natural curves and keep the spine in alignment, plus distribute pressure across the body to help circulation, decrease body movement, and enhance sleep quality. But every user is different, and typical pre-made mattresses cannot conform to every user. That is where BodyScan's unique technology comes in. Read on to understand how BodyScan takes precise measurements of each person, and recommends details tailer-made settings for exact spinal support and pressure distribution.


Bodyscan 3 Measurements to Customise Your Mattress

Using the latest high-tech precision full-body BodyScanner, measurements are taken of the:

  • Curve of the neck and spine.
  • Length of the torso from neck to lower back and hips.
  • Head, shoulders, waist and hips size and position.

A survey of each individuals sleeping habits such as typical sleeping position, presence of shoulder or back pain and pressure after sleeping, and feelings of excess warmth or cold, allow the final customization.

(The BodyScanner was developed by the Ergonomic Institute Munich ("EMI") and employs low-level near-infrared that is completely safe for users, including pacemaker users and users who are pregnant.)


Put together, the system provides a customised recommendation for each user from the following:

  • 8 mattress types
  • 8 pillow settings
  • 13 suspension slat settings (click here for more details)
  • A cooling or warm surface 
  • Whether an extra soft topper is necessary
  • The customisations are available for each side of a King or Queen bed with a continuous sleeping surface

Ergonomic Sleeping Posture

Put together, each user will receive the custom recommendations for an ergonomic and orthopedic mattress and sleeping system. It provides optimal spine support and adequate flex for the user's specific shoulder and hip size, maintaining a neutral back position while sleeping. A neutral back and spine position is critical to minimising pressure on the spine's intervertebral discs and muscle strain.



The image below shows how the customised BodyScan mattress system helps each individual maintain a neutral back position while sleeping. By contrast, standard mattresses that do not confirm to the user often leads to stress in the spine, and/or the shoulders and hips.

BodyScan Custom Ergonomic Mattress for Neutral Back Posture

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The BodyScan is now exclusively available in Singapore through the ergonomic experts - The Bear Knows. Call +65 6733 9346 or visit us at our flagship store at:

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