For proper care and maintenance, dusting of leathers everyday is a must. Dusts can accumulate on your

leather's surface thus wearing out your leather. Use a soft damp cloth or an authorised clean wipes for removing dusts.

Conditioning your leather 4-5 times per year is advisable. In Singapore, the humidity can affect your leather badly.



Any spills must be removed immediately using a soft, non abrasive damp cloth or absorbent paper, applying

minimal pressure from the outside of the stain moving towards the centre. Wipe gently until all grim and stains are absorbed.


DOs and DON'Ts


Direct sunlight and heat source (E.G. Stoves) will cause leather fade, drying and cracking

Clean sweats on leather

Immediately wipe of perspiration build-ups after use.

alcohols and solvents

Most liquids with alcohol or solvent in can cause anything from colour loss to leather literally dissolving.

clothing and food dye is bad for leather

Clothing and food dye can transfer into leather and needs to be removed as soon as possible.

animal claws are bad for leather

Animal claws whether trimmed or untrimmed can damage the finishing of the leather.

don't use sharp object to leather

Never allow sharp objects to come in contact the leather (for obvious reasons)

smoke on your leather

Air pollutants such as cigars and cooking fumes can damage the colour of your leather

toxic chemicals to leathers is bad

Only use recommended leather care solutions for furniture. Avoid household cleaners, solvents or petroleum products