General types of leathers for your Furniture

After choosing the design you want for your furniture, it's time to choose the colour and type of leather that suits your taste. Here are the things you might want to know about your leather.

STANDARD: a corrected, cover-dyed and grained leather where most of the natural irregularities of the leathers are removed. This type of leather is very resistant to stains and dirt and is easy to clean.

SEMI-ANILINE: soft and dyed leather with a light coating, which contains a small amount of colour pigment applied to the surface. Some natural irregularities and marks may be present. The leather offers good comfort and breathes well.

FULL ANILINE LEATHER: Our finest and most natural looking leather with a light surface coating and coloured only with dye. A very soft and smooth leather that, when treated properly, patinas beautifully with age. It requires some extra care, as the surface is open. It feels like touching your own skin. A unique skin for a unique piece of furniture.