Origin is a key indicator of quality for furniture; and Europe is the home of the highest quality furniture available. Sadly, this also means that some retailers may employ half-truths when describing their products. An "Italian Leather Sofa" may mean it was designed by an Italian person, that the leather may have been ordered from an Italian company, but unfortunately not necessarily that it was made in Italy to top-quality Italian standards. We at The Bear Knows feel very strongly against these negative practices and sales-tactics.

What The Bear Knows mean by "100% Made In Europe": All of our products are fully made in the European Union (EU). This internationally acclaimed hallmark of excellence also means that every one of our products are compliant with European Union manufacturing and safety standards - some of the most rigorous and respected globally. 

What this means is that our products are imported fully manufactured, with no local manufacturing whatsoever. The only "exceptions" are minor assembly, such as putting covers on cushions or laying the adjustable shelves inside a cabinet.