8 Reasons You'll Get The Perfect Night's Sleep With BodyScan

The BodyScan complete sleeping system is now exclusively available in Singapore through the ergonomic experts - The Bear Knows. Call +65 6733 9346 for more information, or visit us at our Flagship store at The Centrepoint 4F (open Mon to Sun)

The amazing customised ergonomic mattress and sleeping BodyScan system has won countless fans across Germany and Europe, and is now exclusively available with The Bear Knows in Singapore. Here are the top 8 reasons why everyone is getting the ultimate night's sleep with our scientifically proven custom mattress system designed for maximum orthopedic support.

BodyScan customised ergonomic mattress conforms to your individual body shape

1. It's a customised mattress just for you

The BodyScan system combines a precision digital scan of your body and your personal sleeping habits and preferences to generate a customised recommendation from 8 mattresses, 8 pillow settings and 13 individually adjustable suspension slats.

2. Precise spine, lumbar and back support

Precise body scanning combined with individually adjustable zones means your BodyScan mattress will be precisely soft enough where it needs to be at your shoulders and hips, and provide the exact amount of support needed for your waist, back and neck.

3. Back by Science and Testing

Don't just take our word for it. The BodyScan system was developed in collaboration by the Ergonomic Institute Munich ("EMI") and sleeping ergonomics specialist Dr. Heidinger. It has also been independently tested by global accreditation leaders LGA and awarded the prestigious Ergonomischer Liegekomfort mark - certifying the Bodyscan customised mattress system for its excellent sleeping ergonomics.

4. No compromise for couples

The versatile BodyScan system can be completely customised for both sides of the bed. Individual settings for each half of the bed for each half of the couple. All while retaining a continuous surface across a King or Queen sized bed.

5. Choice of cooling or warming surface

Each Bodyscan mattress comes with 2 surfaces. A flat surface reduces the amount of fabric insulation and allows the body to cool itself more efficiently. The quilted surface provides additional insulation and helps keep the body warmer. No more waking up in the middle of the night covered in sweat or shivering in cold!

6. Annual re-scan for changes in circumstances

Things change. Been working hard in the gym and now have a new bodyshape? Or maybe there's an upcoming addition to the family and find the initial calibrations don't give enough support for the temporarily different bodyshape? No problem. Come back to us for a re-scan, and we will give you a new set of recommendations which you can easily adjust your Bodyscan mattress system to. This service is completely complimentary, and is particularly popular with our pregnant customers (congratulations!) who often face a change in mattress support needs towards the latter half of their term.

7. 100% made in Germany to strict Okotex 100 standards

Every component of the BodyScan mattress system is fully made and imported direct from Germany. This includes the covers, mattress core, suspension slats and pillows. Every fabric, thread, foam and textile material is also fully certified to strict Okotex 100 standards to ensure safety and hygiene for you and your family.

8. 100% machine washable mattress and pillow covers

A clean and hygenic sleeping surface is important to a good night's sleep. So we have made sure that every Bodyscan mattress come with a removable and machine washable mattress. BodyScan mattress and pillow covers also come as standard with a 360 deg zipper for easy removal.


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