Ergonomic suspension slats are a core component of the BodyScan system. Each BodyScan adjustable slatted frame is made from pure 100% high strength European Beech wood; and is equipped with 13 individually adjustable suspension zones to provide optimal support and comfort for the shoulders, lumbar, and hips.

The BodyScan slatted frame also allows us to customise the left and rights sides of a king or queen bed seperately for each person. Differences in body shape, weight, height and sleeping habits can be seamlessly accommodated in a tailored solution. Depending on user preference, a continuous mattress cover surface can also be deployed, giving the optical appearance of a continuous king or queen bed, while deploying customised settings to each side.

Benefits of a slat suspension beneath your mattress include:

(1) Natural absorption of body-weight pressure by the suspension, especially when changing positions
(2) Distribution of body-weight and provision of the sensation of weightlessness
(3) Adjustable firmness to support the lower back
(4) Shoulder and hips comfort zones to avoid additional pressure points, especially when sleeping on the side
(5) Improved hygiene and mattress longevity by allow air circulation and evaporation of moisture (significantly reducing the preferred habitat for dust mites and bacteria)
(6) [Optional] a motorised multi-position inclinable back and lower body zones for the ultimate comfort and flexibility for resting, reading or sleeping.

The unique advantage of the BodyScan system is the recommended settings based on the precision 3D body scanning results. Together with the recommended mattress, the recommendations form a complete system with customised settings for each of the 13 suspension zones for a perfect ergonomic and orthopedic sleeping solution customised for each individual.

Are you ready to invest in a BodyScan system for the perfect customised night's sleep? The BodyScan complete sleeping system is now exclusively available in Singapore through the ergonomic experts - The Bear Knows. Call +65 6733 9346 for more information, or visit us at our Flagship store at The Centrepoint 4F (open Mon to Sun).

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