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The Titan Limited S is the fully optioned version of the new Titan flagship range by premium German office chair brand - Wagner. Featuring premium materials throughout its construction, and complete certification by the most reputable Quality Office organisation - the Titan Limited S is the ergonomic and luxury choice for top executives.

Utilising the latest advances in chair mechanisms, the Titan Limited S senses the body weight of its user, automatically adjusting the tension of the reclining backrest for optimal resistance and comfort. 

The integrated Dondola 3-D moveable base has been proven by medical study to reduce back pain in 66% of participents - formal proof of the tremendous reception of the visionary Dondola system.

Key features of the Titan Limited S premium executive office chair include: 
  • Extensive use of premium materials including solid satin finished aluminium and full aniline super premium leather
  • Advanced self-regulating mechanism that automatically adjusts to your body weight
  • Ergonomically shaped comfort seat
  • Special depth suspension
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Adjustable armrests in height, width and depth covered in matching leather
  • Adjustable headrest in height and tilt covered in matching leather
  • Three-dimensionally moveable Dondola seat to prevent an unchanged seating position for extended periods and provides dynamic seating, keeping your muscles lightly activate throughout the workday, thereby reducing fatigue.

Headrest material: Full Aniline Leather
Backrest material: Full Aniline Leather w/ elaborated back stitching
Seat material: Full Aniline Leather
Leg material: Satin Finished Aluminum
Seat height: 42-53 cm
Seat width: 46 cm
Seat depth: 44 cm

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