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The AluMedic 10 is the primary model in the historically best-selling made-in-Germany AluMedic series of premium office chairs. 

Featuring solid aluminium legs and back bracing, the incredibly stylish AluMedic 10 is bound to be the highlight in any executive office.

More importantly, the incredible ergonomics and dynamic 3-D moveable seat of the AluMedic 10 has been proven by medical study to reduce back pain by up to 66% among study participents. 

Key features include:
  • Extensive use of premium materials including solid aluminium and full aniline super premium leather seat
  • Syncro-Deluxe mechanism with integrated seat depth and angle adjustment
  • Width, depth, height and radially adjustable armrests
  • Height adjustable lumbar support
  • Flexible backrest with moves sideways with the user
  • Ergonomic approved by TUV (2 PfG 947/03.04)
  • Scientifically proven to reduce back pain by 66% (medical study by University Regensburg, Germany)
  • Three-dimensionally moveable Dondola seat to prevent an unchanged seating position for extended periods and provides dynamic seating, keeping your muscles lightly activated throughout the workday. (see video below)
** Please note that the model featured in the video includes additional aluminium framing the upper backrest and a leather headrest, which are costed add-ons. The 3-D movement featured in the video is a standard feature and included in the AluMedic 10 listed here.

Headrest material: Mesh
Backrest material: Mesh
Seat material: Full Aniline Leather 
Leg material: Aluminum
Seat height: 43-52 cm
Seat width: 48 cm
Seat depth: 48-53 cm
Legs diameter: 70 cm
Overall height: 120-140 cm

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